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The St. Lawrence Choir has been part of Montreal’s performing arts scene for more than 47 years, presenting concerts and playing a part in the development of singers, conductors and composers. This is possible thanks to the generous support of governments, foundations, corporations and individuals. By choosing to support the St. Lawrence Choir, you are ensuring the long term success of one of Montreal’s cultural institutions.


Legacy donors

Barbara and Bradley Moffat

Francine Poirier

Carole and Eric Tremaine

Sandra Hunt and Gary Russell

James Cline

Government partners


General manager - David Bergeron

Production - Magalie Huault

Production - Jillian Mills

Webmaster - Fabio Girolami

Graphic design - Maureen Lafrenière

Librarian - Robert Sigmund

OuR team


Artistic director - Philippe Bourque

Director emeritus - Iwan Edwards, CM

Section leader (sopranos) - Barbara Moffat

Section leader (altos) - Magalie Huault

Section leader (tenors) - Claude Routhier

Section leader (basses) - Robert Sigmund

Board of Directors

President - Simeon Goldstein

VP finances and treasurer - Eric Major, CPA, CA

Secretary - Marie-Clothilde Grothé

Director - Sandra Hunt

Director - Jillian Mills